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Faimarathon 2015

Date: 18/10/2015

Date of last update: 19/10/2015, 08:37


18 October 2015


On Sunday, October 18th 2015 the national event  "FAImarathon. Con Il Gioco del Lotto e il FAI una Giornata FAI d’Autunno alla scoperta di un’Italia diversa"  is back. It is organized by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Foundation of Italian Environment) with the partnership of Gioco del Lotto in order  to support the fundraising campaign “Ricordiamoci di salvare l’Italia” (Remember to save Italy).

FAIMARATHON 2015 is a walk suitable for all ages; over 500 places in 130 cities all over Italy will open to the public thanks to the passion of 3,500 volunteers. Special visits with a free contribution will make people discover churches, palaces, theatres, monuments and other places of historical and artistic interest. There are no departure or arrival points, but just themed itineraries, which represent the identity of the territory.

In Bologna the itinerary “Bologna Officina della musica”  will open the doors of: Casa Rossini, Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica, the atelier of the lute maker Bruno Stefanini, Regia Accademia Filarmonica, Fonoprint Studios, and Osteria Delle Dame. Read more about the places and visiting hours (in Italian)


Further information and updates on faimarathon.it

  • Date: 18/10/2015