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Era una notte che pioveva. Gian Marco Montesano

From: 20/12/2015 - To: 31/01/2016

Complesso di Santa Maria della Vita. Museo e Oratorio, Via Clavature 8 - Bologna

Phone +39 051 230260

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Complesso di Santa Maria della Vita. Museum and Oratory
20 December 2015 - 31 January 2016


A reflection about the First World War, which while upsetting Europe, inaugurated its present configuration.
The works by Gian Marco Montesano featured in the exhibit “Era una notte che pioveva” (Complesso monumentale di Santa Maria della Vita, until January 31) looks at a far past, made of trenches, bayonets, barbed wire.

The artist plays with the stereotypes and the figures of speech, with the monochrome and the artificial colours of the postcards: the red-cross nurse, the bersagliere and the alpino (members of two different regiments of the Italian army), Gabriele D’Annunzio, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, actors such as Kirk Douglas and Vittorio Gassman. Evocative symbols just like the works’ titles, alluding to famous expressions from popular songs of that time.
The exhibition is curated by  Christian Caliandro.


Further information and updates on www.genusbononiae.it

  • From: 20/12/2015
  • To: 31/01/2016

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