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DISTURbo - Photographic marathon

Date: 7/05/2016

Partenza e arrivo / Departure and arrival: Parco della Montagnola - Bologna

Date of last update: 15/05/2016, 18:15

DISTURbo is an event that combines the passion for photography with the pleasure of living in one of the most beautiful historic centers of Italy, during one afternoon of absolute fun. This is DISTURbo the photographic marathon conceived by the cultural association DISTURbo, born in Bologna few years ago from the desire of five young guys to reanimate the city life through the organization of unconventional events.

The Marathon will depart from the Montagnola Park on Saturday, May 7 at 14:30. At the start, all participants - in teams of two people each, will receive a list of 50 objectives to be photographed in the city center of Bologna, within a five-hours time limit. Among these objectives, there will be sites of historical and cultural interest, objects to seek, and unusual things to do, often with the help of friends and strangers on the streets. To move around, it is allowed to use public transports and any eco-friendly and non-polluting modes of transport (bicycles, push scooters, rollerblades, etc.).
For the whole duration of the game, the city center will be invaded by colored partying teams with their cameras, Polaroid cameras, and phones, all wearing the “uniform” of the event, i.e. the t-shirts of the Marathon.
The arrival of participants is expected within 5 hours from the start, around 19:30 at the Montagnola Park, where the DISTURbo staff will collect all the photo shoots. The first teams that will deliver the complete list, as well as those that will make the best, most original and funniest photo shoots will be awarded on the following Wednesday. Moreover, there will also be additional prizes for Instagram users. The awards’ ceremony will take place on Wednesday 11 May around 18:30 at Dynamo la Velostazione.
The registration fee is 30 euros per team (15 euros per person). It will be possible to register on the morning of the 7 May at our stand at the Montagnola Park, but it is also possible to benefit from a discounted rate of 20 euros per team registering in advance via website or at one of our events’ partner shops. Registrations are open on the website www.disturbo.net.
The event is also enriched by the participation of special partners: many companies, bodies and shops have supported this initiative by giving beautiful prizes. Among them, it is worth mentioning Hera, KLM, the Genderbender festival, Ibis, Fabbri 1905, Mielizia, Scout, Confcommercio and many others. Some of the prizes available to be won are: 2 return flights to New York and Amsterdam, fantastic bikes, skateboards, electric push scooters, cold cuts, dinners and many others.
This year edition is listed among the events of “Un pozzo di scienza”, a project designed and promoted by Hera to raise awareness on the theme of the management of global resources. The event is not reserved to professional photographers, but open to all photography lovers, families, young people and anyone who is looking for a different way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Further information and updates on www.disturbo.net

  • Date: 7/05/2016

registration fee € 30 per team, registering on May, 7th

discounted rate € 20 per team, registering in advance via website www.disturbo.net.