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Dischi Divini - Alessandro Russo and La Tarma

Date: 10/07/2015

via Rizzoli - altezza via Caduti di Cefalonia - Bologna

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Alessandro Russo - pianoforte
La Tarma - voce, synth

Friday, July 10th 2015
via Rizzoli – corner via Caduti di Cefalonia

Dischi Divini is the music programme organized by Miles-storie di panini. In Via Rizzoli, corner Via Caduti di Cefalonia, music is more than listening. It's narration, images, memory of great artists. On Friday, July 10th the appointment is with Alessandro Russo and La Tarma.

Alessandro "Varius" Russo was born in Stuttgart in 1986. He began studying piano when he was very young with M° Nelly Pomponio. He graduated at DAMS of Bologna University, worked as a writer and pianist with the progressive band "Aedos Cluster of the Waterfall", with the singer Alessandro Orlando Graziano and Luca Urbani (Soerba, Zerouno).
Since 2011 he is a member of the band of Fabio Cinti "The New Logic" (with John Mancini, Gianluca Giannasso and Paul Sturniolo), as a pianist and keyboard player. He has shared different stages, as for example, with Fabio Cinti, Lele Battista, System of a Down, Andy Fluon, Marco Santoro, Elena Cirillo, The Moth, Davide Ferrario, Alessandro Deidda and David Alivernini
His first album, "Assediati dall'esercito russo e cinti dalle mura, guardavamo il cielo", published by Blume, was edited in October 2013. The album was produced by Ivan Daniel Russo, under the artistic production of Cinti and with the participation of the singer Luisa Emilia Cottifogli . He worked as an adapter and pianist for the last two works of Fabio Cinti: "Madame Ugo" (2013) and "All T'orna" (2014).
He is currently collaborating in the project La Tarma and he is working on his second album "I quadri degli alberghi sono brutti".

La Tarma - This is the particular pseudonym taken from the order of butterflies, of Marta Ascari, the 23 years old singer and musician from Reggio Emilia. At twelve, after attending the first concert of her life, and remaining enchanted, she decided that to be a singer would have been her destiny. She began having singing lessons and studying classical piano and composition. Now she is currently studying Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Bologna.

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