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Culture and tourism: Emilia-Romagna and the Country Promotion

Date: 9/01/2015

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9 January 2015 


The  conference on “Culture and tourism: Emilia-Romagna and the Country Promotion"  will be held  in the presence of the Minister for Culture and Tourism Dario Franceschini in Bologna, at the Archiginnasio Palace (in the hall of Stabat Mater) on 9th January.

Keeping with the guidelines of the  recently passed law on “Culture and Tourism”, the Minister and the representatives of cities in Emilia-Romagna will discuss various topics: the necessity to increase tourist offers, the increasing use of the digital in tourism, the need to improve the standard of local tourism system also by creating new professions and training schools, the promotion of Italy as a Country system.

Two workshops will be held in the afternoon at the Salaborsa Library and at the Urban Center. One will be dedicated to digital tourism and the second one to the Città Metropolitana and the Apennines with a special focus on a 3D project on covered walkways, which have been inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage tentative list. The workshops will be supervised by the President of GH Network Group Stefano Ceci in collaboration with the Associazione Startup Turismo. Here is the  programme of the day:
10 am to 1.30 pm
Sala Stabat Mater - Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio
"CULTURA E TURISMO: L’EMILIA-ROMAGNA E IL SISTEMA PAESE" (Culture and tourism: Emilia-Romagna and the Country Promotion)
Promoted by Comune di Bologna and Comune di Ferrara

Greetings of Virginio Merola, mayor of Comune di Bologna and Andrea Corsini, councillor of Tourism of Regione Emilia-Romagna
Video to present the inscription of the Porticoes of Bologna in the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list
Matteo Lepore,  Town councillor of Economic affairs and City  promotion of Comune di Bologna
Massimo Maisto, Deputy mayor of Comune di Ferrara with mandate for  Tourism
Andrea Gnassi, mayor of Comune di Rimini with mandate for  Tourism
Cristiano Casa, Town councillor of Tourism of  Comune di Parma
Tommaso Rotella, Town councillor of Tourism of  Comune di Modena
Conclusions: Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture and Tourism



WORKSHOP - "LE CITTÀ E IL TURISMO DIGITALE" (The City and the digital tourism)
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WORKSHOP - "LA CITTÀ METROPOLITANA E L'APPENNINO BOLOGNESE. LA PROMOZIONE DEL TERRITORIO CONDIVISA" ("Città Metropolitana" and Bologna Apennines. A shared territory promotion)
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  • Date: 9/01/2015

conference from 10am to 1.30pm
workshops from 3pm to 6pm


Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio
Sala dello Stabat Mater
Piazza Galvani 1

Auditorium Enzo Biagi + Sala Atelier Urban Center
Piazza del Nettuno 3