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Creative spillovers of IncrediBOL!

From: 29/01/2016 - To: 31/01/2016

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The art weekend of IncrediBOL!
At SetUp the ‘spillovers’ from the UNESCO creative cities

Autostazione di Bologna

Creative spillovers, in the sense of contamination among art, traditional economic sectors and contemporary social demands. On this theme, the members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network have been asked to focus their projects and works on show at SetUp Contemporary Art Fair (29-31 January), in the stand of INCREDIBOL! - l'INnovazione CREativa di BOLogna (Bologna’s Creative Innovation), the project supporting innovative professionals and businesses in the cultural and creative field, promoted by the Municipality of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Among the proposals, SetUp and Incredibol have selected two artists. Lea Pruykemaquere (Saint-Étienne- France creative city for Design). Her work focuses on the food of the future and mainly on the practice of entomophagy, the consumption of insects as food.
Sandro Tiberi (Fabriano - Italia creative city for Crafts and Folk Art) is an expert in the art of making paper by hand. He creates products of the highest standards using raw materials of top quality, and focusing on innovation and design.
Each artist features the meaning of ‘creative spillover’ in its own personal way, proposing a small overview of works, in order to raise questions, bring crucial issues to attention and meet other cities with the hope of triggering new spark among creative personalities.

The theme of ‘spillover’ in terms of relationship between art and business will also be explored in a talk on Saturday, January 30 at midnight concerning the documentary film “Lavoro ad arte” (Work with skill), which describes the long experience of participating art in the territory of Pianoro within the project ‘Heart of Stone’, edited by Mili Romano.


SetUp is one of the IncrediBOL! winners of 2013 edition.

Further information and updates on  www.incredibol.net

  • From: 29/01/2016
  • To: 31/01/2016

29 + 30 January 5pm to 1am
31 January 12.30pm - 10pm

€ 5,00 (free for children under 3 years old)