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Corteo dei Magi in Piazza Maggiore

Date: 6/01/2016

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore – 40124 Bologna (BO)

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Corteo dei Magi in Piazza Maggiore

6 January 2016

from 2pm


From 2,30pm to 3,30pm: procession of the Magi from Piazza VIII Agosto, Via Indipendenza until Piazza Maggiore. The Magi will be interpreted by young people of different ethnic groups: a Senegalese, an Iranian and an Afghan. On the church square of the Basilica di San Petronio the Magi will give a present to the newly born baby.
Greetings of the Archbishop H.E. Mons. Matteo Maria Zuppi and Virginio Merola Mayor of Bologna.
Concert by Orchestra Giovanile del Conservatorio Lorenzo Perosi di Campobasso (details in Italian)

From 3,30pm to 7pm: workshops at the square: there will be some workshops of old crafts to entertain children and adults: workshop of the potter/clay - workshop of the iron worker - workshop of the basket maker/weaver - worshop of the inlayer - workshop of the carpenter; visit to the animals (camels - sheep - goats - donkeys) and local food (crescentine by the parish  of Ripoli -  chestnuts by the Associazione di Montovolo)

  • Date: 6/01/2016