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Concert of the Chorus GSMG Bragi

Date: 18/07/2015

via Rizzoli - Bologna

Date of last update: 10/07/2015, 14:51


Saturday, 18 July 2015
via Rizzoli


approx. 1 hour

Pierre de la Rue (1450-1518) -  O salutaris hostia
Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611) - Taedet animam meam
Orlandus Lassus (1532-1594)  -  Jubilate Deo
Leonard Lechner (1553-1606)  -  Wann wir in höchsten Nöten sein
Josquin Desprez (1450-1521) -  Mille regretz
Josquin Desprez  -  El grillo
Adriaan Willaert (1490-1562) -  Dulces exuviae
Erasmus Widmann (1572-1634)  -  Die Martinsgans
Pjotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1896) -  Dostoino yest
Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)  -  Locus iste
Anton Bruckner   -   Christus factus est
Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)  -  O salutaris hostia
Herman Strategier (1912-1988) -  Les compagnons de la Marjolaine
Henk Bading (1907-1987)  - Finnigan’s wake
Ástor Piazzolla (1921-1992)  -  Verano porteño
Ástor Piazzolla -   Invierno porteño


Bragi is one of the three main musical student associations in Groningen. Founded in 1882, it is the oldest and biggest one. The association counts about 100 members, divided into three sections: the large choir, the orchestra and the 'a cappella' choir that is going to perform in Bologna with a formation of 15 elements.
The 'a cappella' choir was founded in 1968 as part of the musical association Bragi. It currently has 26 members and since 1980 the conductor is Rein de Vries. Every six months, the choir change its program ranging between different styles and centuries. The 'a cappella' choir has participated three times in "Pythische Spelen", a cultural competition for Netherlands students, it was awarded once the second prize and twice the first prize. In June 2004 the choir also participated in the Schütz-festival competition in Hoorn winning the second prize and the audience award.


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