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Carlo Zauli - Le Zolle

From: 18/01/2015 - To: 6/04/2015

Museo Civico Medievale

Via Manzoni 4, 40121 Bologna (BO)

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Museo Civico Medievale
18 January - 6 April 2015

At Museo Medievale the exhibition dedicated to one of the famous figures of 20th-century Italian sculpture. In this exhibition project, the collections of the Medieval Museum join in dialogue with 14 works by Zauli, constituting a concise but exhaustive nucleus of one of the essential themes in the artistic quest of this sculptor from Romagna: the Earth in its most natural form, the primogenital and constituent element, the “clump of clay”.
Created from the early 1970s up to 1984, the works were selected by the curator Matteo Zauli for their rough material qualities that combine well with the stratified materials used to build the exhibition spaces.
Works such as “L’oro della zolla” [the gold of the clump], “Inquinamento nero” [black pollution], “Zolla” [clump], and “Arata” [ploughed], by which Carlo Zauli, in parallel with the British adventure in Land Art, debates the difficult relationship between man and nature, bringing out the generative power of the earth and the need for man to find a relationship with it based on primogenital and archetypical values. To express this violent and almost erotic tension, the artist uses the material, “the earth”, of his own daily life, with which he “fights” and lives every day: clay.
The exhibition is curated by Matteo Zauli , in collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei | Museo Civico Medievale, the Museo Carlo Zauli of Faenza and the Del Monte Foundation of Bologna and Ravenna.



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  • From: 18/01/2015
  • To: 6/04/2015

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Opening on Saturday, January 17 at 6pm. Guided Visit on Sunday 25 January at 4.30pm.

Carlo Zauli - Le Zolle