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Borghi e Frazioni in Musica

17th edition

From: 20/06/2016 - To: 14/07/2016

sedi varie / different venues - Comuni del Distretto culturale Pianura Est di Bologna

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Date of last update: 21/06/2016, 18:34

Borghi e Frazioni in Musica is the summer festival that takes place in the areas of Bologna East-Valley Cultural District. At its 17th edition this year, Borghi e Frazioni in Musica is welcomed with a smile and some propitiatory ritual, joking about an edition that the superstitious may deem unfortunate, whereas it will be reserving great surprises. The first one is Borghi LAB, free afternoon workshops open to students, fans and curious, and conducted by the guest musicians.

Borghi e Frazioni in Musica features 12 concerts, hosted in villas and private residences, squares, parks and gardens, from 20 June to 14 July.  Art direction is by the cultural association Bottega Bologna. Coordinated and organized by Articolture.

Here is the programme of this edition:

Borghi e Frazioni in musica 201620 June – CLASSIC/JAZZ
Villa Salina – Castel Maggiore
Three musicians from different artistic experiences gave life to this unusual project. A trio not strictly "classic" which has started an exciting collaboration with the percussionist Marco Zanotti.

Maccaretolo, San Pietro in Casale - Scuola Elementare, via Sant’Agnese 25
The Group was founded with the aim of making the Italian popular music of the early decades of the twentieth century live again. L'Osteria del Mandolino has revived this music and made people dance it.

27 June - FOLK
Castagnolino, Bentivoglio - Cortile dell’ex-Asilo, via Castagnolino 23,
Guido Sodo gave life to the group in Naples in the 1980s. He moved to Emilia bringing his band with him. The group was, and still is, interested in the possible communication between different cultures: a journey starting from the Mediterranean, touching the Atlantic and Latin America, Cuba, Brazil and Capo Verde.

28 June - SWING
Gherghenzano, San Giorgio di Piano - Corte dell'Opera, Via Bassa 2
Born in 2013 in the circles, squares, and underground clubs of Florence, Piaceri Proletari play an Italian swing, influenced by American folk.

29 June - FOLK
Castenaso - Villa Capriata, via Marano 19
Vanessa Peters is a Texan singer-songwriter internationally renowned, active since 2003. She has received numerous awards abroad and in her hometown. She presents a rich repertoire of songs speaking of pain and joy.

4 July -  JAZZ
Trebbo di Reno, Castel Maggiore - Parco Camillo Torres
A jazz trio, led by Paul Wertico - the rhythm section of Pat Metheni Group from the '80s to 2000's. The meeting with Mocata and Scaglia was possible through the music producers that artists had in common. The result of this union is a strong synergy, engendering the project "Free the Opera", a review of major classical authors like Verdi and Puccini in a jazz version.

5 July -  JAZZ
Budrio - Villa San Marco, via Vigorso 29
The Dutch tenor saxophonist lived in the United States and in France. In Italy from 2003, he shows a bass/drums/tenor-trio featuring a flexible "swing", where there's always space for new inputs and where it is possible to communicate through the sound, both original compositions and standards international jazz.

6 July -  INDIE
San Pietro in Casale - Casa della Musica, via Genova 26
The solo project of Orelle - aka Elisabetta Pasquale, was born in May 2012 and has already achieved interesting goals, as the first self-produced Ep "Primulae Radix", released in 2015. Italian and English lyrics, for delicate sensations.

Argelato - Piazza Caduti della Libertà
The Duo Bucolico was founded in 2005 during a country fair, from the collaboration between two guys from Romagna. Their shows are a kind of musical farces, a mixture of song-writing, cabaret, recital and burlesque popular song. They create grotesque and surreal songs using a deforming language, with Dadaist aftertaste.

12 July - BLUES
Stiatico, San Giorgio di Piano - Parco Pubblico, via Alessandrini
After playing concerts for the Consulate of Italy in Casablanca and Marrakech in Morocco, the African trio club adopted his name in order to represent the love of African culture, shared by all group members.

13 July - JAZZ
Pieve di Cento - Terrazza Museo Magi 900, via Rusticana 1
"Top Jazz 2013" award - established by the magazine "Jazz music" for the best new talent of the year, places Alessandro Lanzoni amongst the major Italian jazz artists. 24 years old, Lanzoni already has a career of excellence, achieving an international acknowledgement of absolute prestige.

14 July - ROCK/BLUES
Argelato - Frazione di Malacappa
How could one person create a similar musical impact? Only the "one man band" Gianluca Fasteni - aka G-Fast, knows how.  He arrives on the stage with foot-operated kick and snare drum, small guitar, banjo, his 3-stringed guitar, megaphones, guitar toys and so on, creating a show full of energy and nuances.

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  • From: 20/06/2016
  • To: 14/07/2016