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Balletto Nazionale della Georgia “Sukhishvili”

Date: 15/12/2015

Teatro Auditorium Manzoni, via De' Monari 1/2 - Bologna

Phone +39 051 6569672 (biglietteria)

Date of last update: 26/11/2015, 17:04

Manzoni Factory
Season 2015 / 2016


Teatro Auditorium Manzoni
15 December 2015



Art director: Ilja Sukhishvili
General director: Nino Sukhishvili
played by the Orchestra of the Georgian National Ballet SUKHISHVILI

Iliko Sukhishvili Sr. and Nino Ramishvili
Iliko Sukhishvili Jr.

Soliko Virsaladze
Nino Sukhishvili

The Georgian National Ballet is one of the most famous dance companies in the world. It was founded in 1945 at Tbilisi by Nina Ramishvili and Iliko Sukhishvili. Aim of the company is to make people know the ancient popular Georgian dancing, by the creation of new and original choreographies.


Further information and updates on  www.auditoriumanzoni.it

  • Date: 15/12/2015