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Arte Fiera 2017 - ART CITY Bologna 2017

From: 27/01/2017 - To: 30/01/2017

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Arte Fiera 41st Edition. Directed by Angela Vettese, an updated edition: Main section, Solo show, Nueva vista and a Photography section. Art is nature: a new and innovative graphic style

Under the direction of new artistic director Angela Vettese, Arte Fiera is set to hold its 41st edition with an updated version, confirming its identity as the most consolidated and historically rich Italian art fair. From the 27th - 30th January 2017, the longest-running event for Italian modern and contemporary art is set to bring new innovations to the pavilions of BolognaFiere.

A MAIN SECTION and a series of SOLO SHOWS, both selected by the artistic director and a selection committee. The two sections include 133 galleries, to which can be added those of the curatorial sectors.
Art Fiera will be completed with a small section of new proposals curated by Simone Frangi, entitled NUEVA VISTA and dedicated to the artists considered worthy of a new critical reinterpretation, not only young artists.
A new section of PHOTOGRAPHY curated by Angela Vettese.

Welcoming the visitors to Arte Fiera 2017 will also be a new bookshop “Printville”: a space that proposes rare volumes as well as books from the Koenig bookshop in Cologne alongside the usual selection of books and art catalogues.
Alongside the Bookshop the area TALK will offer a rich programme of meetings, some of which will be dedicated to the more interesting publishing projects at the bookshop.

ART CITY Bologna 2017

ART CITY Bologna 2017

Alongside the exhibition at Arte Fiera 2017, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January, the city will take centre stage for the fifth edition of ART CITY Bologna, the programme of exhibitions, events and cultural initiatives born from the collaboration between the Bologna Council and BolognaFiere to offer new opportunities for discovery and knowledge of artistic heritage spread through contamination with the contemporary.

ART CITY Bologna 2017In 2017 ART CITY Bologna will enhance its formula with a new section of ART CITY entitled Polis, supported and promoted by Arte Fiera with the aim of promoting reviews and interventions by contemporary artists specifically conceived as part of a dialogue with the particular characteristics of the exhibitions spaces and historic locations in which they are located.

Within the ART CITY Polis initiative the Istituzione Bologna Musei invited some artists to carry out site specific projects: Chiara Lecca at the Collezioni Comunali d'Arte (Municipal Art Collections) with three installations that will take visitors along a journey between reality and illusion, thanks to the unique artist’s ability to assemble organic elements of animal origin, A fior di pelle (title of this project). Marco Di Giovanni at the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica (International Music Museum and Library) with Orizzonte degli eventi through the use of several different techniques ranging from sculpture to drawing from sound to performances; Martino Genchi at the Museo Civico Medievale (Medieval Municipal Museum) with his project called Raccogli la cosa nell'occhio, interpreting the gaps left by history on some finds and Ornaghi & Prestinari at Casa Morandi (Morandi’s House) with the exhibition Grigio Lieve that stems from the idea to create sculptures from the shadows in Giorgio Morandi’s paintings.
The programme of the Istituzione Bologna Musei includes the first Italian solo exhibition of the German artist Jonas Burgert entitled Lotsucht / Scandagliodipendenza, displayed in the big Chimney Room of the MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna from January 26 until April 17, 2017, curated by Laura Carlini Fanfogna.
With the exhibition Attualità di Morandi. Opere donate al Museo dal 1999 ad oggi the Museo Morandi (Morandi Museum) aims at enhancing the works donated by contemporary artists who, during their art research work, were inspired by the Bolognaise master or were influenced by his extraordinary contemporary spirit.

The initiatives of ART CITY Polis will be held at Arte Fiera and in the city, thus activating an even closer dialogue between the event and the city. Among the planned initiatives are the Genda Photographic Exhibition in collaboration with the Masters’ course in Photography at the IUAV University of Venice; at the Civic Archaeological Museum – Bologna Museums Institution, the screening of the film that revisits the national identity Viva l’Italia curated by Mark Nash; at the Fair and in the city a series of artists’ lectures; the review of the video documentaries Corpo Sensibile (Sensitive Body) by young Italian artists.

Numerous further initiatives will be proposed by the museums and by private individuals such as that at the Opificio Golinelli and at MAST.

Priority will be given to the accessibility of the venues of ART CITY Bologna through a local public transport line, the ART CITY Bus with free routes every 20 minutes, the pocket guide ART CITY Map with useful information about the scheduled events.

On Saturday 28th January Art City White Night, the all-night art event with hundreds of initiatives for a night dedicated to unique Italian art will take place.


The complete programme of events on the websites www.artefiera.it and www.artcity.bologna.it

  • From: 27/01/2017
  • To: 30/01/2017

from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 from 11am to 7pm
Monday 30 January from 11am to 5pm