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Ariela Böhm - Materia: memoria e metafore

From: 16/05/2015 - To: 26/07/2015

Museo Ebraico

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Materia: memoria e metafore

Museo Ebraico di Bologna
16 May – 26 July 2015


On Saturday, May 16th at 9pm, the European Night of Museums, the exhibit ARIELA BÖHM Materia: memoria e metafore opens at Museo Ebraico di Bologna (until July 26th, 2015).
Ariela Böhm’s work mostly focusses on “writing” and the desire to pay homage to it. On show at Bologna Jewish Museum the works which are representative of some of the currents developed by the artist during the years -  “Recisione impossibile”, “Pagine Oscure” and “All’alba della scrittura” - as well as some tiles from the work about the Shoah “Che la memoria di ciò che è stato si fonda con la materia che ospita il nostro pensiero”.
The exhibition also includes 3 videos: “Rachamim. Le lacrime delle madri creano la compassione nel mondo”  2013;  “Terzo Giorno”  2014; “Addensamenti”  2010, explaining how the artist makes her works with the Raku technique.
Read more about the exhibition (in Italian)


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  • From: 16/05/2015
  • To: 26/07/2015

Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm; Friday: 10am - 4pm. Closing day: Saturdays and jewish holidays.

On the occasion of European Night of Museums (Saturday, May 16th)  it will be possible to visit the Jewish Museum permanent collection too from 9pm to 11pm. Free admission.

opening on Saturday, May 16 at 9pm, on the occasion of the European Night of Museums 2015