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Angelo Venturoli - Una eredità lunga 190 anni

From: 19/04/2015 - To: 14/06/2015

Palazzo della Comunità, Museo civico di Medicinavia Pillio 1 - Medicina (Bologna)

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"Angelo Venturoli – 190 years long heritage"

Medicina, 19 April - 14 June 2015

Bologna, Collegio Venturoli and other places

Awaiting the exhibition. Guided visits and conferences in
Bologna. Read the programme (in Italian)


The town of Medicina (BO) presents the exhibition "Angelo Venturoli - Una eredità lunga 190 anni" (Angelo Venturoli – 190 years long heritage) from April 19th to June 14th. The aim of the exhibit is to enhance the value of the Collegio Artistico Venturoli (Venturoli Art College), its founder Angelo Venturoli and his native town, or in a wider perspective to make a focus on the history of Bologna's territory in the 19th century.
The exhibition at Museo Civico di Medicina (Civic Museum of Medicina) presents one hundred works from 1750 to 1930 mainly coming from Collegio Venturoli, Parrish and Museo Civico di Medicina (Civic Museum of Medicina).
Almost all the works have never been shown before and many of them are even unknown to art historians.
"Angelo Venturoli - Una eredità lunga 190 anni" is part of a larger project. In 2015 Collegio Venturoli  is celebrating its 190th anniversary and on this occasion a rich programme of events will be involving both the area of Medicina and Bologna and its surroundings with other exhibits, conferences, guided tours, themed events (all details available from April).
Founded by the architect from Medicina Angelo Venturoli, the Collegio Venturoli started its activity in 1825. Many of the best Bologna artists were formed there, for example Giuseppe Romagnoli, the sculptor of most of the Italian Republic coins (the Mint School of art and medals in Rome is named after him).
"Angelo Venturoli - Una eredità lunga 190 anni" is organised by Pro Loco of Medicina, Comune di Medicina and Fondazione Collegio Artistico Venturoli with the sponsorship of Comune di Bologna and in collaboration of many cultural organizations of the territory.

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  • From: 19/04/2015
  • To: 14/06/2015

Thursday 9.30 am – 12.30 am, Saturday and Sunday 9.30 am – 12.30 pm and 3 pm – 6 pm.
Special opening are possible for groups with previous reservation and during some particular events.

Angelo Venturoli - Una eredità lunga 190 anni