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Aggiungi un posto a tavola

From: 14/05/2016 - To: 15/05/2016

Teatro Dehon

Via Libia, 59 - 40138 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 342934

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Date of last update: 14/05/2016, 07:38

At Teatro Dehon (14 - 15 May) Compagnia La Ragnatela presents a musical by Garinei e Giovannini and Jaja Fiastri.

Music by Armando Trovajoli, directed by Carlo Picchi, choreographies by Chiara Morini, singing direction Luca Panza, sets Anna Wannier, costumes Marika Prodomo and the special effects by Gianni Ragno.

Aggiungi un posto a tavola (Add another place at the table) is a fable set in a mountain village somewhere in Italy, whose parish priest Don Silvestro receives a phone call from God announcing a second universal flood, and He tells Don Silvestro to build an ark and save the people and the animals of the village. The priest needs help by the villagers, who did not immediately believe him. At the end God stops the flood thanks to Don Silvestro and everyone celebrates with a big dinner around a table, on which a golden waterfall falls as a sign of His arrival. Another place at the table is added for Him.

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  • From: 14/05/2016
  • To: 15/05/2016

Teatro Dehon boxoffice - Via Libia, 59 - 051 342934 - teatrodehon@tin.it
> Tuesday to Saturday 3pm - 7pm and one hour before the starting of the performance.