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Abbasso le paure!

From: 14/03/2015 - To: 2/04/2015

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Exhibition-installation and workshops
Making by Associazione Stigma at Scuola delle idee of Fondazione Golinelli
14 March - 2 April 2015


Abbasso le paure! Images and words, games and suggestions through which to look at the fears, those small and big ones, those natural and transmitted, from another point of view ...

Abbasso le paure!
is the exhibition-installation proposed by a group of Bologna's psychoanalysts and researchers that founded Associazione Stigma,  the creator also of a series of books from which it has been originated this shooting of colorful images, created by the artist of the group, Tommi.


Abbasso le paure! is at Scuola delle idee of Fondazione Golinelli (voltone del Podestà 1/N, Bologna) on the occasion of International Children's Books Fair.


The exhibition - installation will be open until April, 2 and is enriched with workshops curated by Associazione Stigma. (Saturday, March 21 and Saturday, March 28, both at 3,30 pm and 5pm)

  • From: 14/03/2015
  • To: 2/04/2015

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