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A man who flies up to the sky

From: 21/10/2016 - To: 23/10/2016

Teatro delle Moline

Via delle Moline, 1/a - 40126 Bologna (BO)

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A Man Who Flies Up to the Sky is a piece of theatre work about ‘seeing’. The performance tells dozens of stories through dozens of pictures. The development of each character and the indistinct relationships between them internally hold the pictures together.
Li Jianjun is an independent theatre director based in Beijing and he is the artistic director of The New Youth Group. Li is recognized as one of the key directors of Chinese avant-garde theatre.
The haste of China’s modernization and the power of China’s political system have continually shaped the collective psyche of the society. The unspeakable pressure and repulsiveness have been overwhelming, similar to how smog has lingered around the cities. It is impossible for those who have suffered to seek escape and safety.
Pressure from the outside is converted into feelings of anxiety, hidden under a mass of triviality and endurance. Even the ephemeral twists of excitement and ecstasy could be nothing more than the compensation for anxiety and frustration. This is the familiar daily experience of the contemporary Chinese. A Man Who Flies Up to the Sky displays a collage of the opposite of “flying up”: being bound, confined, and stifled. The performance is part of VIE Festival 2016 programme.

21 – 23 October | Teatro delle Moline
director Li Jianjun
dramaturg Zhang Weiyi
stage design Wang Renke
style design Wang Mao
lighting design Chen Xiaji
sound Leng Qiuxuan
production manager Xiao Jing
stage direction Zhang Xinyi
assistant director Yang Mingchenm, Zhang Jiahuai
assistant stage design Zhang Yuanyuan, Yu Wenzhen
assistant dramaturg Jia Guoliang, Hong Tianyi
performer Gao Wenjun, Jiang Rihua, Li Xiuyi, Tang Ke, Wang Rui, Xiao Jing, Zhang Jiahuai, Zheng Di
production Inside-out Theaterm, New Youth Group, Wuzhen Festival
sponsor Arts center of Xixi Wetland

National première - Reservation required

part of VIE Festival 2016

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  • From: 21/10/2016
  • To: 23/10/2016

Friday at 19
Saturday at 18:30
Sunday at 18

A Man Who Flies Up to the Sky