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7 spose per 7 fratelli

From: 11/03/2016 - To: 13/03/2016

Teatro Dehon

Via Libia, 59 - 40138 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 342934

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Compagnia La Ragnatela
Una favola senza tempo

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

11 > 13 March 2016


musical in 2 acts
adapted from the MGM film by Stephen Vincent Benet,
text: Lawrence Kasha and David Landay, lyrics: Johnny Mercer,
music: Gene de Paul, new songs by: Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn,
choreographies: Chiara Morini, choreography assistant: Giorgia Chiari,
singing direction: Dina Giuntoli and Luca Panza
direction: Carlo Picchi, sets: Anne Wannier
costumes: Teresa Barbieri
lights and sound: Vittorio Perelli, Amilcare Panico, Saverio Vivace, Michele Gualdi
special effects: Gianni Ragno


In 1850s Oregon, Adam goes into town seeking a wife to run the household that consists of just himself and his six brothers. There he meets Milly, a waitress at a local restaurant and they get married. When they arrive at home Milly meets his six messy, rough and quarrelsome brothers. Milly decides to reform the brothers and help them change their ways. She teaches them good manners and the art of courting. But the six brothers decide to kidnap their future wives...

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  • From: 11/03/2016
  • To: 13/03/2016

Teatro Dehon boxoffice - Via Libia, 59 - 051 342934 - teatrodehon@tin.it
> Tuesday to Saturday 3pm - 7pm and one hour before the starting of the performance.