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Date of last update: 25/10/2017, 14:15

Sunday October 15 th 2017, on the occasion of the European Art Cinema Day (EACD), is born Odeon Gallery, the brand new art space of the Odeon Cinema devoted to contemporary art.
The purpose of the gallery and its annual program is to promote the art and, above all, the artists, proposing a kind of showcase in the full center of Bologna, a hybrid space where Cinema and Art Gallery melt in an only project.
Odeon Cinema was always involved in the diffusion of quality movies with elevated artistic thickness, so the match with other figurative arts is a further step in such direction.
“1930-2017, Dreams in Movement” (the years of cinema to the Odeon and more) is the title of the first collective exhibition whose introduced the new Odeon Gallery site inside the Sal8tto’s space of the Odeon Cinema.
The title of this first project, “1930-2017, Dreams in Movement”, is particularly important and meaningful because it underlines both the history of the Odeon Cinema (born in the 30’s) and the development of new ideas.
The concept of movement that is well inserted in the cinematic contest (dynamism, story telling, development and memory of the old film) tie to the dream one (therefore new ideas, desires, thoughts, élan vital that all moves..) allows us to create a leading thread that joins art, innovation, philosophy and introspective search on the front of the soul and to tie the first exhibition to the following ones, primarily incentrate on the single artist’s poetic.
Each exhibition foresees an opening event (vernissage) and two theme “symposium-dinners” in presence of the artist, the all in the relaxed atmosphere and in the intimate climate of the Sal8tto, to melt art, cinema and kitchen to the insignia of the artistic and cultural spirit of the Odeon Cinema.
As it regards the “symposium-dinners”, the places are limited to guarantee an intimate atmosphere of dialogue, so the reservation is recommended.
Odeon Gallery is, in conclusion, a real art gallery, that offers a service of care and possible sale of the exposed works, but with an indipendent and free spirit, that sets in the forground art and philosophy, promoting the beauty and the creativeness.
Stefano Cappelletti, Nicola Corona, Elena Fregni e Luca Serio are the artist protagonists of “1930-2017, Dreams in Movement”, the first collective exhibition of Odeon Gallery.

Argenta (FE), 1956
The visionary magic art without time relives in the contemporary and finds its expression in the dimensions of the dream, of the game and of the impossible; everything oriented to the search and the expression of the self. The transfiguration of the reality and the meaning hides and disclosed, at the same time, the truth hidden by the superstructures through a painting in the meantime playful and unwittingly directed.

Belluno, 1959
The comic meets the art.
So the tables become autonomous works, rich of physical thickness (also in material sense through the technique of collage) in a triumph of pictorial techniques with the new-dada and pop aura and the characters turn into frozen and artificial human figures, typical of a fake and chamaleontic humanity.

Crevalcore (BO), 1970
“An Aracne of the metallic skein”, as described by Baccilieri, who draws sculptures weaving iron threads. The spirit of the subject, animal in prevalence, frees himself from the cage that paradoxically create him and strike the soul of the spectator that, despite the lightness of the structures, is overwhelmed by the expressive power and by the majesty of the figures.

Bologna, 1988
The Veil of the subject continually spread out and removed, running to the Limit, endless (or not ended), for unattainable definition, hands the search of the young artist on the front of the Error, felt as an opportunity of grown and development.
The creative and the destructive actions melt in the tension toward the perceptive surrender of the inner self, who remains inexorably elusive.

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