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Museo dell'Assistenza Infermieristica

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The project for the creation of the museum was approved on 7th Mai 1999 by the Committee that promote the cultural initiatives for the nomination of Bologna as "Capital of the Culture in 2000", which has given it also the funds for the start-up of the activity of confinement to a museum.

The aims that the creation of a Nursing Service Museum pursue are of two categories of persons: the nursing category in the specific instance on one side (and more in general that one of the health workers), and on the other side the category of the citizens. The pioneering experience of the creation of a Nursing Service Museum will allow, towards to the health workers,:

- to go backwards into a way of discovers of the origins and of the evolution of a profession whose importance for the functioning of the services and the structures has long been undervalued. The consequences of this undervaluation were negative for the social prestige and for the same "visibility" of this category as far as the relationships with the users and the other hospital categories is concerned.

- to make of this museum a centre for the cultural and professional promotion which will be to the nursing categories’ advantage. For example through initiatives that allow the meeting, the discussion and the confrontation of the workers about the problems, the expectations and the values of their category (such as: constant screen showing, meetings, books’ presentation, etc...). In this way the museum will not confine itself to being just a "deposit", even if precious, of the nursing memory, but it could become a propelling context of innovative impulse to the category towards the future.

Inside the museum are collected proofs of different typologies (photographic, illustrative, documental) and assistance material of the time that describe the evolution of the nursing profession in the historical-cultural context of Bologna and represent a first core of the historical memory of this profession.

In the rooms of the museum are exposed uniforms, thermometers, needles, crockery and glassware that tell the nursing activity since the 18th century.

The description is taken from the internet Website:http://www.ior.it

Temporary closed. Thursday. 9am - 1pm (except Sundays and Holidays). By appointment: visits for groups, guided visits and reading of literature.

Museo dell'Assistenza Infermieristica