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Villa Spada

Via di Casaglia 3 - 40135 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 17/08/2017, 17:33

The villa is located in the old estate of the marquis Zambeccari and replaced the building called Casino Zambeccari already mentioned by sources dating back to 1774. The exact date of today's building in Neo-classical style, much wider and completely different from the previous one, is unknown. In view of the fact that the building seems to be attributable to Giovanni Batista Martinetti, living in Bologna starting from 1774, it could probably be dated back to the time when the estate was owned by Iacopo Zambeccari who died in 1795. The villa remained in the property of the Zambeccari until 1811, and then passed onto the Marescotti and Levi. On the south façade of the villa the coat-of-arm of the Spada who bought the villa in 1820 is still visible. After becoming the property of tenor Antonio Poggi, in May 1849 the villa became the Austrian headquarters where in the Medieval tower built by Manini in the villa gardens, according to tradition, Ugo Bassi and Giovanni Livraghi were kept prisoners, after their capture in Comacchio after the fall of the Roman Republic, and executed by a firing squad near the villa. Around 1920 the villa, after being occupied by a Turkish prince in the second half of the 19th century, went to the Pisa family, who, together with several renovations, opened today's main entrance to the park on to via Saragozza. In the 1960's the villa was purchased by the Municipality of Bologna and opened to the public in the 70's. Since 1990 the villa has housed the Historical Museum of Tapestry "Vittorio Zironi".

Museo Storico della Tappezzeria temporarily closed.