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Limited traffic area (ZTL)

Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 26/08/2016, 10:30

The Limited Traffic Zone of the Historical Center (ZTL), is a wide area within the historic center of Bologna where from 7:00 to 20:00, every day,  the movement of motor vehicles is restricted. Sirio “electronic surveillance system” supervises the entrances to the LTZ.

Active passages are located in via Santo Stefano, via San Vitale, via Alessandrini, via Marconi, via Riva di Reno, via San Felice, via Sant'Isaia, viale XII Giugno, via D'Azeglio, via Borgo di San Pietro, via Finelli, via Mascarella, via Capo di Lucca, via Bocca di Lupo, via degli Angeli.


Within the LTZ there are some areas limited 24 hours a day: pedestrian areas and the T areas (via Rizzoli, via Indipendenza, via Ugo Bassi).


Visitors are provided with special access to hotel facilities (including bed & breakfast), public garages and repair shops in the Limited Traffic Zone. Besides, tickets for access to LTZ (valid one day) are available. read more in Italian


Download ZTL map and read further details on the website Mobilità e strade