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Villa Edvige Garagnani - congress service

Viale Masini, 11 – 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)

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Date of last update: 12/05/2016, 10:49

Villa Edvige Garagnani is a beautiful example of a bourgeois holiday residence dating back to the second half of the 18th century.

The loggia passing through the ground floor of the villa is worth seeing: its woodland frescoes attributed to the Basoli make it an ideal setting for civil wedding ceremonies. The same is true of the Romantic park around the villa, dominated by a centuries-old Cedrus deodara.

Always known as the “Mayors' Villa”, it has been owned by the Municipality of Zola Predosa since 1971. Recently restored, the villa is now an elegant, multiporpose building with flexible indoors modernly equipped hosting a wide range of events: conferences, courses, exhibitions, meetings for large or small groups of people, private parties and receptions.

Since 2006, the Villa has been housing the local Tourist Information Office (www.iatcollibolognesi.it). The Centre for the Study of the “Bolognese Villas”is also based here (www.villebolognesi.it).
Villa Edvige Garagnani, from September 2013, houses "Punto del Gusto" of the Association Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori "Città Castelli Ciliegi".
The Villa is just a few kilometres far from the centre of  Bologna and the Casalecchio di Reno and Borgo Panigale tollgates. Thanks to the main provincial transport links, it can be easily reached by train (Bologna-Vignola railway line) and bus (94 and 671 bus line).


375 of seats in all

Loggia Passante (Ground Floor) room with 75 seats

Loggia Walfredo (First Floor) room with 75 seats

Sala Romelia (First Floor) room with 30 seats

Sala Matilde (First Floor) room with 15 seats

Salone Edvige (Second Floor) room with 140 seats

Sala Cristoforo (Second Floor) room with 30 seats

Sala Battista (Second Floor) room with 10 seats



m² 140
Information and reservation:  IAT – Tourist Information Office of Zola Predosa - Organization: Wine and Flavours Route “Città Castelli Ciliegi”

  • welcoming participants
  • projector system with use PC
  • players connection
  • internet access
  • room arranged like a horseshoe
  • room arranged like a theatre
  • unattended cloakroom
  • amplification system
  • plasma screens system
  • ADSL line
  • platform
  • unattended car park
  • footboards
  • overhead projector
  • e-mail service
  • reception
  • room with desks
  • public delivery system
  • wi-fi system
  • unique table
  • direct dial telephone
  • fax service
  • video projector