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Via Emilia Ponente, 485 - 40132 Bologna (BO)

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This building, interesting example of the industrial architecture of the Twenties, was subjected to some renovation works, projected by the architect Roberta Boncio and financed by Bologna Municipality (the owner of the building), the Region of Emilia Romagna, the Quartiere Borgo Panigale, pectators and companies. The theatre (public property) was opened in October 1999.
It is kept by “Teatri di vita”, which is famous all over the world for its theatrical productions. This organisation conceived the space renovation, on the basis of a project by the Centro Internazionale per le arti della Scena , which is leading to Bologna the most important theatre and contemporary dance companies from all the world.
Currently the building includes two rooms, a large entrance, a terrace and two elliptical shaped annex buildings. Plunged in the middle of Parco dei Pini , which is one of the most large green areas of the city, the theatre is easily reachable from all directions thanks to its position. In fact, it is situated along one of the most important streets of Bologna and has a large free parking.
Thanks to its structural and architectural qualities, Teatri di vita is the closest theatre to the most important theatrical centers of Europe.


339 of seats in all

Sala Pasolini room with 240 seats

Sala Tondelli room with 99 seats



Sala Pasolini m²315

Sala Tondelli m²213,45

Foyer m² 102


Teatri di vita is the theatre of Bologna which is exclusively dedicated to the development of international artistic relations: it holds many theatrical and contemporary dance performances from all over the world.
From 1993, it represents an original and significant place and a reference point for those who love contemporary dance and theatre and for those who are looking for new cultural change and meeting opportunities.
This organisation offers a lot of innovative and stimulating activities, which will give the chance to know other cultures.
Teatri di vita was awarded three times for the originality of its activities, and in 1999 it obtained the Bertolucci award; it was considered a cooperative aiming to free artistic choices and to the establishment of an original and brave theatrical route.

  • welcoming participants
  • projector system with use PC
  • air conditioning
  • bar
  • control room
  • internet access
  • room arranged like a theatre
  • personal PC
  • unattended cloakroom
  • amplification system
  • ADSL line
  • unattended car park
  • footboards
  • podium
  • design and assembling stands
  • overhead projector
  • catwalks for fashion parades
  • e-mail service
  • reception
  • public delivery system
  • wi-fi system
  • unique table
  • direct dial telephone
  • TV + VHS/DVD
  • fax service
  • video projector