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The Music Museum provides free use of its rooms for music and other cultural events, in order to be seen as an open, lively and multipurpose museum, attended by authorized personnel and passionates, city dwellers and tourists, adults and children, all with an unique common denominator: the music.
For this reason, the Museum offers many solutions to give rise to meetings, conferences, conventions, presentations, concerts, shows, exhibitions and other public or private events. People can choose between three well-furnished rooms, with 30 to 100 seats.

There are two rooms on the ground floor:
Laboratory 1 (maximum seating: 30)
Air-conditioned room with hi-fi system, video recorder, DVD player, flip chart; screen and projector by request.
Space for temporary exhibitions:
Two frescoed and connecting rooms to house exclusively temporary exhibitions.

Upstairs, the Museum has an events zone, divided into:
Events room (maximum seating: 100); this well-furnished room is perfect for conferences, concerts, conventions, book presentations, shows and other cultural events. It is available both for cultural associations/institutions and for companies or outsides bodies who want to organize some congressional and training activities.

Foyer: by request, it is possible to activate an audio-video connection with the foyer. In this way, it would be possible for people to watch and to listen to the event of the main room (for a maximum of 34 seats).

Accueil events zone & catering: by request, it is also possible to set up an accueil zone at the entrance and a buffet/catering area  in the room contiguous to it.

by bus: lines and timetables on the website www.tper.it

by car: located in restricted traffic zone ZTL. Ring road exits  n. 11/11bis-12 direction city center.


164 of seats in all

Lab.1 room with 30 seats

Sala eventi room with 100 seats

Foyer (together with Sala eventi on request) room with 34 seats


m² 70

The international Museum and  Music Library was open in May 2004 inside the Palazzo Sanguinetti, in Bologna city center. The exhibition takes place in the splendidly frescoed rooms of the noble floor and reminds people six centuries of Europeen music, thanks to its over 100 frescos, more than 80 ancient musical instruments and other very important historic documents: treaties, volumes, librettos, letters, manuscripts, autographic scores, coming from Padre Gianbattista Martini, that is one of the most important characters of seventeenth-century Europeen music. Some of the rarest and most important works are: the Harmonice musices Odhecaton A (the first Printed Music Book realised by Ottaviano Petrucci in 1501), the famous Mozart work, the score of the Barbiere di Siviglia by Rossini. Bewteen the many musical instruments, there are the harmonious flutes by Manfredo Settala (1650), the “clavemusicum omnitonum” by Vito Trasuntino (1606). Bewteen the frescoes, J.C. Bach’s portrait by Thomas Gainsborough, Mozart’s portrait, Farinelli’s portrait by Corrado Giaquinto and the famous Sportelli di libreria musicale by Giuseppe Maria Crespi. On the noble floor there is also an events area, which is available for concerts, conventions, book presentations, shows and other cultural events. On the ground floor, three didactic laboratories, a space for temporary exhibitions, the bookshop and the faithfully rebuilt laboratory, by the well-know bolognese lutist Otello Bignami.

  • welcoming participants *
  • projector system with use PC
  • air conditioning
  • players connection
  • room arranged like a theatre
  • personal PC
  • attended cloakroom*
  • amplification system
  • platform
  • footboards
  • e-mail service*
  • reception*
  • room with desks*
  • TV + VHS/DVD
  • video projector

*staff costs charged to the applicant

Requests for availability of spaces of the Music Museum must be made in writing using the form editable pdf (MOD.1 - http://www.museomusicabologna.it/img/eventi/webgallery/MOD.1_Richiesta_di_disponibilita_degli_spazi.pdf)download from the website: http://www.museomusicabologna.it/eventi.htm.The application, completed in each part, must be sent to the direction of the Music Museum of the music via email (museomusica@comune.bologna.it) or fax (+39 051 2757728) and must  be received at least 20 working days before the planned start date of the event

Museo Int. e Bibl. della Musica