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From 1985, the Museo Civico Medievale is located inside the 15th century Ghisilardi palace, one of the most important architectural witnesses of the age of Bentivoglio family. This important monument’s rooms house many works of art dating back until 17th century. Some of these masterpiesces come from the marquis Cospi’s collection (a real encyclopedic Summa of natural and artificial wonders), the General Marsili’s collection, which mostly consists of weapons, and the from Fondo Palagi (1860).
The most important works of art of the museum witness the bolognese medieval life, starting from Medieval manufactures (dating back to 7th-9th century) and  arriving to the golden copper Pope Bonifacio VIII statue by Manno Baldini from Siena (1301) in remembrance of the efforts to put end to the war between Bologna and Ferrara. Near the sculpture there is a notable thirteenth-centuiry document, the big English “piviale”, with the “Storie della vita di Cristo e della Vergine, one of the most relevant examples of “opus anglicanum”.
During the Middle Age, many important Italian cities, used to dedicate funeral monuments to the Studio doctors. In Bologna, this genre is witnessed by Bonifacio Galluzzi sepulcher by Bettino from Bologna, on which a doctor is depicted while teaching to his students.
Many French and Italian ivories, Venetian glass, valuable weapons and many rare testimonies of Bentivoglio court life combine some manifactured objects (the Stocco di Ludovico Bentivoglio, the corno bentivolesco and the coppiadi fiasche) with other important documents of the ferrarese school dating back to 15th century.
Other museum sections are dedicated to the Middle Age and Baroque bolognese Art of Sculpture (the Neptune’s model by Giambologna, San Michele Arcangelo by Algardi, Gregorio XV’s bust by Bernini) and to the city Art of Miniature, with some famous exemplars of anthem books, art society’s charters and liturgical books dating back to 13th-16th century.

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Approximately 180 of seats in all


Lapidario room with approximately 100 seats  (12,19 per 7,89 mq.)

Cortile del museo 200/300 seats (309 mq. in all; 109 mq. only cortile; 200 mq. only portico)

Loggiato 100 seats



m² 435,23


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